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To educate and remind hunters, shooters, and firearms enthusiasts, of the importance of using a proper backstop when target shooting, and knowing without a doubt what is downrange of their shot before pulling the trigger.

"No Backstop No Shot"

Please take a few minutes to view this video for more information on our story.

Backstop Presentation.pptx

This is the powerpoint presentation that continues to be presented during Hunters Safety courses.


This website is dedicated to the memory of 14 year old Zack Kempke who was killed in a shooting accident on September 23rd, 2018. This accident was caused by the absence of an appropriate backstop while our family was target shooting. Our hearts will always ache over this accident and the loss and trauma we caused the Kempke family. Our efforts from this day forward will be dedicated to making sure something like this never happens again!

We are grateful to the Kempke family for allowing us to share this story and Zacks photos. When asked to tell us about Zack, his aunt Jennifer wrote: "Zack was an amazing son, brother, cousin and friend to all. He was kind, gentle and loved people. Zack ensured everyone was included in activities at home, school and church. He had a brilliant mind, was incredibly witty, loved music, reading and playing the drums. He was a bright light in our family and brought a special spirit into our home."